Blue Jays talk to MLB about coach positioning

TORONTO – Blue Jays manager John Schneider said the team talked to Major League Baseball officials on Tuesday about the positioning of New York’s base coaches on the field during play.

The discussion came after the Blue Jays examined video from Monday’s 7-4 loss to New York. Yankees slugger Aaron Judge briefly looked sideways in the direction of his dugout before hitting a homer in the eighth inning.

“Just making sure what’s fair is fair, I think,” Schneider said in a pre-game media availability. “If our guys are giving stuff away, we have to be better at that.

“I think that if things are being picked up from people that aren’t in places they should be, then that’s where I think the line should be drawn.”

Speculation that Judge might have been looking for a sign ramped up after television broadcasters noticed the slugger’s unusual glance to his right at times during the at-bat.

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After the game, Judge said he quickly looked in the dugout to see who was yelling at home-plate umpire Clint Vondrak, who had ejected Yankees manager Aaron Boone a few pitches earlier.

“I’m not in the business of buying post-game media,” Schneider said. “Again, it’s a really accomplished hitter who won the MVP last year. I know that he means nothing but business and wants to win.

“I just found it a little funny that he was worrying about his dugout while he was in the batter’s box.”

Boone also spoke to reporters on Tuesday before the evening game at Rogers Centre.

“I think most of the people in the know, know that there’s nothing there,” Boone said. “I’m sure that will be the prevailing wisdom as it unfolds.”

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White boxes are located near first base and third base for the respective base coaches to be stationed.

“I think there’s boxes on the field for a reason,” Schneider said. “I think when it’s a glaring 30 feet when you’re not in that spot, you kind of put two and two together a little bit.”

Judge hit two homers in the victory, giving him 10 on the season.

“I think everything that needs to be said was said yesterday,” Judge said Tuesday. “I don’t see why it’s a story, to be honest.”

Schneider said the Blue Jays could be a “little bit tighter” with some of their tendencies to make sure they don’t inadvertently give away pitch locations or signs.

“Locations with catchers, gloves, everything,” he said. “I think just going forward in terms of the league, we just want to make sure that every coach is where they should be on the field and are confident that they will be going forward.”

Boone added the Yankees had been in contact with Major League Baseball.

“Our understanding is that there will not be any kind of investigation because nothing that went on last night was against the rules.”

The four-game series continues through Thursday night.

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This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 16, 2023.

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