Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor May 25, 2023

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Bad cuts lead to bad cuts

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Smith and the UCP are offering Albertans a $1-billion tax cut. But one billion dollars less revenue means one billion dollars less for services, which means longer wait times for surgeries, crowded hospitals, and larger classes. Cuts to services hurt seniors, workers and their families, but they do not affect corporations and the wealthy. Are you willing to trade your health care and the education of our children, so the rich and corporations can pay lower taxes? You will decide.

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(The cut will lower taxes for all Albertans, not just the rich, which is a good thing.)

Need convincing

After reading Paul Baumberg’s letter “Nothing New Up North,” I can now see that some people will never recognize reality regardless of how much proof there is to verify it. Hurricane Fiona convinced most Maritimers. The heat dome and atmospheric river has convinced many B.C. residents. Californians, Floridians, Europeans, those in our three territories and so many others recognize human-caused climate change as being real. I guess Paul will just go on thinking life is good as the world burns and floods all around him.

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(Perhaps he will.)

Same old Notley

If voters have not realized, Notley will run the province the same as last time. Raising business tax 37%. This will drive billions of dollars of investment, plus jobs out of Alberta like last time. Why did Notley remove environmentalist plus union activists’ biography from NDP’s board of directors website? She does not want Albertans to know that it will be the same type of activist that helped her run Alberta last time. We do not need a repeat of her last government.


(Not the best fiscal policy, to be sure.)

Federal ties

Think about who you vote for. A vote for the NDP or a membership to the NDP is a vote to keep Trudeau in power. When you become an NDP member in Alberta you receive a membership to the federal NDP party. That is the party that has been keeping Trudeau and the Liberals in power for the last four years.


(One wonders whether the federal NDP will keep propping up the PM.)


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