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Late to the pothole party

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Isn’t the current city council a bit slow on the uptake tackling this annual problem on Calgary streets? I can remember, when Ralph Klein would be in the back of an asphalt truck with a shovel in hand, all decked out in coveralls, already to attack the pothole problem in the early spring. Those were the good old days in Calgary: the leeks and garlics of Cowtown!

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(We don’t care who shovels the asphalt, it just has to get in those holes ASAP.)

First to drop fireworks

Well, here’s another first for the city of Calgary. We are probably the only major city in Canada that will not be having fireworks on Canada Day. This is CANADA DAY. Time to focus on our country only. Few citizens will be able to watch a show on a stage. There are no migratory birds flying around at night. There are no environmental issues. Traffic is already crowded. Everyone loves to watch fireworks. Leave this tradition alone.

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(Sometimes being first is a good thing.)

New adjective needed

Recently I unsuccessfully searched for a single adjective that would describe a fork-tongued politician who has dubious ethics and lacks good judgement. The following words were rejected because their individual meanings are too limited: disingenuous; bogus; unprincipled; spendthrift; incompetent; pretentious; and mealy-mouthed. What the world needs is a new word, an adjective that would describe a person who personifies all the shortcomings mentioned above. My choice is ‘trudeauian’. What’s yours?


(Call Webster, this is a challenge they may be up for.)

Wear the gear

Please explain why certain people are allowed to ride a motorcycle, not wearing a helmet, but the rest must? Is it not a safety issue?.

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(The internet says the fine is $155 for riding without a helmet. The cost of falling without one tends to be life-altering.)

Seeing double

My first thought watching the leaders debate was: what gives with Rachel Notley? For someone who is opposed to Daniel Smith, I thought I was seeing Daniel’s twin. Other than being blond Rachel has grown and styled her hair in similar fashion, wore a different shade of blue but with white shirt. Why? Is Notley hoping to look like Smith but with a different message?


(So when men wear dark suits, have short haircuts and wear shoes they are trying to look different?)


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