Exclusive! Yogita Bihani on controversies revolving around The Kerala Story, “Everybody has their opinion”

MUMBAI: Yogita Bihani plays the role of Nimah in the movie The Kerala Story. The actress’ performance has been liked by one and all, and the film has been doing very well at the box office. It has already crossed Rs. 150 crore in 12 days.

TellyChakkar recently interacted with Yogita and spoke to her about the box office response, her take on the controversies and the film being called propaganda, and more…

The Kerala Story is getting such an amazing response at the box office. Did you anticipate such a response?

Nobody did; none of us did. Who would have thought? When we got this script, it was very simple that this is the story of these three girls and you are supposed to portray these characters; we were given the material and we were working on it. We actually worked on this project very honestly like it’s your own project because there was no big studio involved. We were just like we are making this film, but let’s just see what happens. We didn’t know if it would get a theatrical release or not. But, the response is like wow; everyday people are going and watching it.

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With a great box office response, the film has also been in controversies like its ban in a state, some people are calling it propaganda and other things. So, what would you like to say about it?

Honestly, when the trailer released and a lot was happening around, I was a little anxious because you know I am still a newcomer, and I have not done a lot, this is my third project in the film industry. But, then I told myself that you have chosen an industry where you are putting your project in front of people in a number of lakhs and crores, and everybody has their own opinion. So, you have made it with this intention and you should respect everybody’s opinion. So, if somebody appreciated the film I am really grateful to them, but if somebody doesn’t appreciate the film and doesn’t want to go and watch it I still respect their opinion. We have to be liberal and that’s also what our film says; we have to respect everybody’s opinion, and that’s what I am doing, I am respecting everybody’s opinion.

Was this a difficult character to portray?

It was! When you read something like this or when you even read in the news, you feel so bad and here I was living a character, her life. So, initially like the first 15 days when I was working on the script and doing workshops, it was like woh kehte hai na moh maaya chhut jaati hai zindagi se, I was in that zone which is not good as an actor. As I said I am a newcomer, so I still have to learn how to attach and detach. So, I was so attached to it that for 15-20 days, I just did not want to do anything that felt like I was enjoying life. I just wanted a simple life, just everything basic. I felt there was blankness in my life. But then, I think I found, Nimah after that; you will suffer, but then you will stand up, you will rise, and you will fight for everybody.

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Directed by Sudipto Sen, The Kerala Story also stars Adah Sharma, Siddhi Idnani, and Sonia Balani.

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