Gayle King & Charles Barkley Host ‘King Charles’ News Show

Photo-Illustration: Illustration: Vulture. Photos: Getty Images

As King Charles’s coronation prep is underway, many are figuring out how to cope with the new transition. For some, it might mean cashing in on the sudden growth of SEO searches and creating a talk show that sounds like a fandom name. Gayle King and Charles Barkley are starring in a weekly news program that has been crowned King Charles. We’re not kidding and honestly, they should’ve gone with Bark-King instead. This show will be in addition to their respective roles at the station, King on ​​CBS Mornings and Barkley at WBD Sports. Combining both King and Barkley’s names for the punny title, Barkley shared the show will be “non-political” during their TNT’s NBA Tip-off announcement, meaning they wouldn’t label their program as “liberal or conservative” despite talking about politics. “All I want is for people, even if I disagree with them, to be honest with me,” explained Barkley further, with King in agreement. The hour-long program will air weekly on Wednesdays beginning this fall. Hopefully, they have back-up names for whenever the Royal family gets wind of this.

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