I feel that our tuning is out of the world and when you have good friends and co-stars, it helps to kill time on sets

MUMBAI :Sheetal Maulik is seen in Star Plus’ popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin.

The talented actress is portraying the role of Sonali Chavan in the drama series and is paired opposite actor Mridul Kumar.

Well, Sheetal has become a household name for her character Sonali as she is doing total justice to it.

In an exclusive interview with TellyChakkar, Sheetal spoke at length about her bond with the actors in the show and much more.

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Tell us about your bond with your co-stars and how has been your experience so far working with them?

We work for long hours. Sometimes, we have to wait for hours for our scene. So, we don’t have much to do. I feel that due to this off-screen bond, we tend to spend a good time with each other. When you have good friends and co-stars, it helps to kill time on sets. I feel that our tuning is out of the world. Vihan, Aishwarya and I are crazy. Neil is also equally crazy. He doesn’t show, but he is. Still, he is always busy with his scenes. I am so glad that we all have gelled so well.

We have seen a comic side of Sonali here and previously, you have done a comedy show Gutur Gu as well, which was a silent comedy. Which genre is difficult to perform – comedy or drama?

People cry while watching comedy and drama both. We need to perform both genres very sincerely, or else people won’t react. I feel that both are very difficult to perform. Whether you play comedy or drama, people should be able to connect to the character. If people don’t, no work will be successful. It is difficult for me as well. I am a very comic person. I tend to burst out laughing in the most horrible situations. If the audience will not connect to you, it means that you are a failed actor. However, I enjoy doing both the genres.

When I discussed Sonali’s character with our creative, I suggested keeping a little touch of comedy. I thought that might work. Sidharth gave me a free hand and told me to just go for it if it feels right. If something goes wrong, they will let me know. So, it was a combined effort.

What kind of roles are you willing to explore in your future projects?

I want to play a police officer. I did a show on DD and it was named Prakruti. I had played a police officer back then. But, I really enjoy those stunts. I have learnt karate as well, so I would love to show off my skills on-screen.
Apart from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Sheetal has previously been a part of many popular shows like Gutur Gu, Yeh Unn Dinon Ki Baat Hai, Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Pyar Ki Luka Chupi and many more.

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