Kesha Drops Fifth Album ‘Gag Order,’ Produced Rick Rubin


Kesha is speaking singing her mind and dropping that Gag Order. The release of her fifth studio album comes before her legal battle with her alleged abuser Dr. Luke heads to trial in July (this album was released under his label, Kemosabe Records). Produced by Rick Rubin, the emotional new 13-track project includes previously released singles “Eat the Acid,” “Fine Line,” and “Only Love Can Save Us Now.” “There’s nothing left that I haven’t heard / And I can take it, so make it hurt,” she declares on “Hate Me Harder.” Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, also appears in the album’s co-writing credits, while Kesha’s eight-year-old niece Luna is heard speaking on “Only Love Reprise.” But it’s not just the presence of family members that makes this project feel personal. “I sit and watch the pieces fall / I don’t know who I am at all,” she muses on the opening track. Similarly vulnerable lyrics bring us all the way to the closer, “Happy,” on which she sings, “I remember when I was little, before I knew that anyone could be evil / These egos, some people, playing with my innocence like at a casino.” Listen to Gag Order in full below.

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