Letters April 11, 2023: ‘Please federal liberals, tax us less.’

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Do less

Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould has asked the provinces and territories to do more to fight inflation. The federal government needs to do less, such as decreasing spending, which would in turn lessen the deficit, interest payments and taxation rates.  Look in the mirror, Ms. Gould, if you really want to help families and children!

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(Inflation needs to be tackled on all sides.)

Lacking a leader

According to my Webster Dictionary, symbiosis is defined as “living together in close association of two dissimilar organisms, especially when mutually beneficial”. This describes perfectly the Velcro-like, cling on relationship of the Trudeau Liberals and the Singh NDP. There is a reason why Parliament erupted in laughter when Jagmeet pronounced “When I am Prime Minister”. Jagmeet has proven himself to be the antithesis of a true leader and Justin shows a level of desperation demonstrating that he needs to cling to power at all costs. Unfortunately for Canadians, neither Trudeau nor Singh have the slightest notion of how to provide inspired leadership at a time when the country desperately needs Churchillian guidance.

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(The way the two prop each other up doesn’t feel very democratic.)

Safety worries

I would like to ask parents and the transportation minister to please stop allowing children under 16-years-old on motorcycles. It makes no sense that a child in a car must wear a seatbelt, but they are allowed to hang on for dear life on the back of a motorcycle. It shows a serious lack of caring for your children.


(We have seen many cars with kids being reckless on the roads, maybe it’s the driver we should better regulate.)

Thanks Jean!

The UCP would like to thank former Prime Minister Jean Chretien for his inadvertent support as our provincial election fast approaches. During his recent fly-by smear campaign, he claimed we have nothing to complain about with the Trudeau government, and dismissively stated that Liberal bashing is simply an ‘Alberta sport’. For some Albertans who are still wary of Danielle Smith, and her occasional bozo eruptions, this should help seal the deal. Better a few eruptions, while steadfastly defending our province, rather than a complicit Notley led NDP, that will completely capitulate to Trudeau’s pseudo-progressive whims. Those who were still sitting on the fence have now been abruptly shaken off. 


(It’s a bit of a stretch from Chretien to Notley isn’t it?)

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