Letters April 26, 2023: ‘Compulsory drug treatment won’t fix anything if people aren’t willing.’

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As an Alberta taxpayer, without any doubt I am confident it would be a complete waste of money to force a street addict into a rehab facility. Tax dollars should only be used for addicts who want to get off the streets and start living a normal, healthy life. Otherwise, Premier Danielle Smith is throwing Albertans’ tax dollars away.

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(Cleaning up our streets and helping people seems like a great use of money to us.)

Stay the course

A few bleeding heart WOKIANS, such as Rachel Notley, think that imposing mandatory drug rehab on heavy users of street drugs is against their statutory rights. I say malarkey. Danielle Smith is absolutely on the right track in ordering drug induced crime and anarchy off of our streets and out of our society once and for all. Anyone who cannot make a direct connection between illicit drug use and rampant street crime must be a Grade 2 dropout. Heavy drug users abrogate their statutory rights once they choose a lifestyle that can only lead to a rapid descent down the drain. Let us not allow them to take innocent citizens with them. Look at what the soft on crime crowd has precipitated both here and in the U.S. Defund the police has universally led to violent chaos where police budgets have been limited or diminished, often leading to “blameless” politicians making a rapid 180 degree about face. Good on you, Danielle, stay the course.

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(Something has to be done, and the sooner the better.)

Running from conflict

Once again, a conflict in our country, our union strike, has our prime minister hiding. He has headed to New York to avoid having to directly face and deal with the situation. Same thing over and over when it comes to various conflicts in our country. Kind of reminds you of a feathered friend who just sticks his head in the sand and hopes things will go away. We need a prime minister who has the guts to face conflicts and deal with them.


(Anything to distract the people from his shortcomings.)

Essential, or not?

If the government considers it ‘essential’ that I file my taxes by the May 1 deadline, why do they not consider the people who will review my return essential?


(A double standard indeed. T-minus four days to get that filed folks.)

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