Letters April 8, 2023: ‘Mr. Chretien wasn’t welcome here then, and isn’t now.’

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Take a hike

It was nice of former PM Jean Chretien to pop into town recently to pontificate. Apparently, he’s unimpressed with the UCP’s defense of our province against Justin Trudeau’s attack on our energy industry, flippantly referring to our long running distrust of the Liberals as an ‘Albertan sport’. That Trudeau Sr.’s destructive NEP, which he was a part of back in the ’80’s, devastated our economy for years, speaks volumes. Even after the Liberal energy minister of the time, Marc Lalonde, admitted years later that it was an abusive federal overreach doesn’t concern him. Tell you what Jean, just be a good sport and go home. You’re not welcome here.

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(He didn’t win any votes here then and he wouldn’t now.)

Time to trash VLTs

Why won’t the provincial government consider a provincial plebiscite regarding the removal of VLTS, from bars and pubs? Why do they never acknowledge the social, financial, and mental health costs to people, who never asked for them in the first place? I am not naive enough to believe it is about money over lives but, I thought I would ask.


(Any addiction is hard enough, but would we miss the money made?)

Double standard

I think that the NDP/union bosses are so hypocritical calling for an inquiry on Premier Smith. No one knows for sure if she was just trying to placate Mr. Pawlowski or not. Druh Farrell accuses CPS officers of beating their wives but the NDP/union bosses allow her nomination to stand. They also want to defund the police all the while complaining about the UCP not doing enough on crime. 

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(This election is ramping up to be quite a bundle of promises.)

Why not spend more?

I see it’s going to cost about $37 million to renovate the Prime Minister’s residence in Ottawa. Heck, the Liberal government spends that kind of money each and every day on all sorts of stupid things. When you’re in debt up to your eyeballs what’s another $37 million to the taxpayers of this country?


(A hint of sarcasm there Molly?)

Demolishing history

In Scotland, castles over 500 years old are still standing strong today. But, here in Alberta, buildings and structures less than 100-years-old are being torn down making way for 55 floor office towers. So much for preserving the province’s heritage. Individuals who make the final decision for the wrecking ball to do its thing can’t see beyond their noses. They lack a sense of history down in their souls.


(Who is going to pay to maintain some of these dilapidated buildings?)

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