Letters May 4, 2023: ‘Flames players didn’t have what it takes, that’s not Sutter’s fault.’

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Too sensitive

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The last time I checked, weren’t the hockey squad down at the Dome called the Flames and not the Snowflakes? Seems the thin-skinned hockey players didn’t like Darryl’s style of coaching. This is pretty much the identical scenario 34 years earlier, when Terry Crisp was behind the bench. Perhaps, this is the main reason why the Flames only won one cup over the years. They lacked the mental toughness to be a winner.

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(Those are some very expensive hurt feelings.)

No NDP love here

I got home recently and was horrified to see a bunch of orange NDP signs on our crescent. Don’t these 30-something yahoos know what a mistake they are making? I guess the NDP think that if you repeat the same lies over and over again they must be true. I can not think of any reason a clear thinking person would vote for this bunch of province wreckers. Hopefully I don’t have a heart attack come election day . 

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(You get along great with your neighbours eh?)

Smells fishy

Dear Danielle: Playing on fears by holding an arena deal over our heads reeks of desperation. Desperation will not get my vote.


(Anything to win our hearts.)

Keep Trudeau out

Wake up Albertans and think before you vote in May. Put party loyalties aside and put Alberta’s future first. This is the most important provincial vote ever. The Notley NDP take their orders from Jagmeet Singh. Singh obeys Trudeau. Trudeau wants to take our legal guns, wants to destroy the oil industry and wants to reduce fertiliser use on farms which means even higher food prices. Voting for Notley will hand Alberta over to Trudeau. For the sake of Alberta and our future vote for Smith’s UPC.

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(Need a tinfoil hat to go with that theory, Glenn?)

Wrong focus

Hot on the heels of Justin’s gigantic boondoggle to subsidise auto giant VW’s battery factory in Ontario, Justin announces a $4 billion budget to apparently save the French language from extinction. In a recent poll questioning the primary concerns of the electorate, Canadians put the economy at the front of the list ahead of even healthcare and the environment. Language concerns were not even an afterthought. I think Trudeau, Freeland and Singh would do well to immediately focus on a suffering population, struggling to have secure housing, nourishing food, viable healthcare and a first rate education system. I am probably dating myself by calling the primary concerns of Canadians ‘Bread and Butter Issues’, but I suggest that these leaders would do well to stop and smell the dung heap that they have created.


(The cost of living should have trumped saving a language.)


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