Letters to the Calgary SUN Editor May 21, 2023

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Missing some truth

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There is an NDP campaign sign near my house with a picture of Rachel Notley that says, “A Leader You Can Trust.” In any court, the first thing a witness must do is to pledge to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Anything less is deception. One of the very first things Rachel Notley did upon becoming Premier was to implement a carbon tax. Does anybody remember her campaigning on this issue? She hid the “whole truth” from the people of Alberta and deceived us. She cannot be trusted. I hope in the court of public opinion, Albertans hold her to account.

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(We will see soon enough how many Albertans can forgive that one.)

Conservatives knew too

The Conservatives claim to care about China interfering in our elections but during the dark Harper years, they were briefed about China interfering and what did they do? Absolutely nothing, as proven by PP himself when he was asked in Question Period what he did about it as Minister of Democratic Institutions. He didn’t do anything to stop it because, in his own words, China wasn’t trying to help the Conservatives. He was also offered a full briefing on the issue but refused because due to national security, he wouldn’t be able to repeat anything, but the real reason is then he couldn’t lie about it after hearing the truth. I really doubt the Sun readers will see this letter because, like Mr. PP, all the Sun cares about is attacking the Liberals. I’m not saying the Liberals are blameless in all this, just that neither are the Conservatives.

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(The Liberals certainly aren’t blameless in this, but as always, there’s plenty of political blame to go around.)

I beg of you…

As a Canadian who loves his country, I don’t understand why Canadians are putting up with this federal government and not demanding an election. Plus, shame on the NDP, who are happy with a few crumbs for supporting the Liberals. Next time, I beg voters, please elect a government that actually cares about Canada and its citizens.


(Yes, if only we could find one. Such governments seem few and far between.)

Fly commercial

I think Claude Garneau is right when he complains about governments declaring climate emergencies and yet not banning private jets. A private jet is a grotesque waste of resources that produces immense pollution just to satisfy the convenience of wealthy wastrels. If you’re going to attempt to save the biosphere so that humanity has a future, you can’t make half-measures. You can’t tell regular people to cut their carbon footprint so that wealthy people can emit thousands more tons of carbon.

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(Sounds like it might annoy some people with very deep pockets for political donations.)

Fix the system

Alberta has an election coming May 29. Smith and Notley are promising all kinds of things for Albertans, using our money. No long-term plans or ideas for prosperity, though. Our political system is broken. Just doesn’t work! Change is needed. Why not do away with political parties and have politicians run on their desired platform and people vote for who they like? Those elected will form the government. This way there is no opposition party. We would only need half the number of politicians. Then we can review and fire yearly.


(The impossibility of getting laws passed this would present aside, very few people bother voting now. Somehow, we don’t see an annual event getting anyone to show up.)

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Driving doctors away

Rachel Notley says no new taxes but she is on record as saying the NDP will raise the provincial corporate tax rate to just barely under that of Saskatchewan. This will, once again, drive doctors out of Alberta like the last time the NDP was in power and raised doctors’ corporate taxes from 8% to 12%.


(We already have a shortage of medical professionals here. If anything is done to chase them away, we hope it doesn’t make it into law.)

Change is welcome

It seems the pundits are going out of their way to diss Smith before the election. Could it be the unions are terrified of her being elected? I can imagine them worrying about changes coming to education and health care. I say bring the changes on ASAP, as the present mess we have can no longer be tolerated.

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(All these promises will take a lot of time to become reality.)

Not a bad place to be

I like the fact we have a choice of two high-profile women from the left and the right to become premier. These leadership candidates have a proven record of analyzing issues and finding solutions and this is good, but both candidates have vastly different political parties with defined platforms. I suggest Albertans need to closely examine both parties’ platforms and not rely on attack ads and historical verbiage. Facts should stand alone but need to be understandable. Another positive we Albertans have is we have a young, well-educated and growing population. We currently have good employment numbers and a relatively low cost of housing. However, with such growth, societies all experience increased demand for schools/teachers and for medical facilities/staff. Regardless of political stripe, we are all going to pay for these life costs to continue a prosperous society. So, which party do we trust to deliver these services and at what cost? Bottom line: Albertans need to do some more critical thinking on who to vote for on May 29.

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(That is the question we will have to think on.)

Should have saved up

At 80, I am sick and tired of my generation whining that they cannot live on CPP and OAS. I worked for 45 years, and for the last 30 put 10% of my gross income into an RRSP to supplement my retirement. I never took vacations that I had not saved for. I was able to visit Hawaii, England and the Netherlands. Our family camped in a tent around Alberta, B.C., and the western U.S. I have helped family with their costs. Seniors, look into a mirror and ask yourself, what did I do to ensure my retirement? Budget?


(Must be nice to have that kind of security.)

No trust

The NDP will provide Albertans with a durable health card that the UCP promised in 2019, eh? Do you recall Notley not running on a carbon tax and bringing it in after? Sorry, Rachel, you showed where your loyalties lie once before. Once burnt, twice shy. Think I’ll wait on the Danielle card.

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(Hadn’t realized the plastic health cards were such a hot topic.)

Wake up and vote!

The NDP have literally tried to destroy every province they have ever had seats in. In 2015, Notley made it in and then, not off her platform, brought in a carbon tax, then went after farmers, then they went after doctors, then put Alberta over $60 billion in debt largely due to her union buddies. Then they try and take credit for things that Smith is trying to implement. Notley is a liar. She doesn’t really care about Alberta but she will say and do anything for power. Don’t believe a word she says. If you do, we’ll have another carbon tax added to the one we already have. Get out and vote, because if don’t, you don’t have a right to complain.


(Well, we do agree with you there: no vote, no right to complain.)

Ready to endorse

When will the Calgary Sun announce that it endorses the NDP? The Sun‘s tilt to the left is a well-known secret, and if you editors don’t know that’s how the public perceive the Sun, you’re living in a bubble. You guess after Notley guts the economy and unemployment rises the only one that will be able to afford a subscription will be government workers. Well played.


(We endorse good government and truth. Whoever delivers on that hopefully also buys subscriptions.)


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