Motorola Edge 40 Pro review: A confident flagship with few flaws

Motorola Edge 40 Pro: Two-minute review

With the Motorola Edge 40 Pro, Motorola has once again made its Pro handset a true Android flagship. The company has packed in all the de rigeur trappings of a flagship phone – so you’re getting the best processor, all the latest connectivity standards, nicer materials, and the like.

The phone impresses at everything you would want it to do. Even its plain black colorway is nice to look at. The soft round edges are comfortable to grip, and the material at the rear feels nice to the touch.

The software is clean and well considered – it’s closer to a stock Android experience than most; with some minor additions. There are some small issues, of course – the phone insists that you choose from a selection of recommended Moto apps during the initial setup, and downloads them unless you manually unapprove each one, but after that Motorola leaves you to it. The company promises three years of software updates, but we note with trepidation that the Motorola Edge 20 and Edge 30 are still on Android 12, even as Google is prepping Android 14 for release.

(Image credit: Michael Allison / Future)

The camera takes images quickly and the sensors capture good dynamic range, although shots overall are only just above average. The front-facing camera is decent, but smooths out the skin in portrait shots a little too much.

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