Ninja DualBrew Pro review: an advanced pour over coffee maker for all levels

Two-minute review

The Ninja DualBrew does a whole lot more than just brew your typical carafe of coffee. You can set the machine to make smaller amounts of coffee for individual servings, or it’ll make a specialty espresso-like brew. That’s not all it’s capable of, as you also get a K-cup pod adapter to use K-cups with the coffee maker rather than coffee grounds and a filter. To top it off is a hot water feature and a milk frother to make foam for drinks. 

This isn’t Ninja’s first foray into the coffee maker game. The brand that’s synonymous with making quality and affordable smaller kitchen appliances has ventured into the territory before. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, for example, offers most of the DualBrew’s features but doesn’t work with K-cup pods, and it’ll set you back $169.00. There’s also a relatively similar model to the DualBrew, the Ninja Espresso and Coffee Barista System, for espresso capsules rather than K-cup pods. It costs slightly more than the DualBrew at $249/£200.  

After testing the DualBrew, I can confirm it makes a great cup of joe relatively easily, whether you’re using the traditional grind and filter method or slotting in the K-cup pod adapter to brew that way. The control panel is more complicated than some, but most should get the hang of it after a few brews. There’s plenty of size variety when brewing, and you also get to choose from different brew styles: classic, rich, over-ice, and specialty. I didn’t notice much of a taste difference between the classic and rich brews.  The over-ice option did succeed in making a less watery iced coffee. However, the specialty brew, which makes a 4oz espresso-like coffee, didn’t come close to espresso quality, though the brew was stronger than typical coffee. 

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