Sennheiser Profile review: impressive audio quality from an impressive audio company

Sennheiser Profile: Two-minute review

I honestly wanted to give the Sennheiser Profile that coveted five-star rating. This USB mic may not look like much, with its somber solid black style, but it delivers where it matters most – in build quality and audio capture – while keeping the price reasonably accessible to even hobbyist streamers and podcasters.

So, it’s really unfortunate that, for some reason, Sennheiser’s engineers have made weird design decisions, particularly when it comes to its articulations. These are, to be very fair, minor flaws that users can easily adapt to. But I also think that if you’re paying more than $100 / £100 for a USB mic, it should at least have those basics covered.

Coming in two sets – one with just a desk stand and the other offering a boom arm with a C-clamp – the Sennheiser Profile will set you back a lot more than many of the best USB mics on the shelves, with the latter set costing US customers $200. And, it’s kind of hard to look past its design missteps, no matter how small of a deal they are.

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The most glaring issue here is the boom arm. Its hinges are so tight it feels like you’re doing an arm workout just to set it up. Granted, those should loosen up over time, and most people will probably have it in a fixed position anyway, but there’s also the fact that the mic itself mounts awkwardly to it. It’s as if it’s a third-party budget boom you found on Amazon, instead of something that’s actually made for the mic. Setup, in other words, is tricky, and you really need to spend some time on it to figure out the least awkward position for the mic to be in.

Now, this mic is less than $130 / £110 if you just get the basic set that comes with a standard desk stand. That means you’re paying about $70 / £70 extra for that boom arm if you’re getting the streaming set. And, though it feels very premium and robust, that price is hardly fair if you consider its flaws.

Sennheiser Profile on a desk

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Go for the basic set, and you run into another hiccup. The yoke the USB mic is attached to doesn’t offer much in terms of articulation. You can tilt it up more or less 15 degrees, and that’s about it. So you have even fewer physical adjustments available if you just get the desk stand.

Sennheiser Profile on a desk

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The good news is that the mic, like the boom arm, is built like a rock – or rather, a premium rock with a soft satin finish. And while the design is nothing to write home about, especially with that solid black (read: boring and overdone) color, it has all the physical controls you’ll ever need: a mic mute button, a mic gain dial, a mix control dial that allows you to balance audio between the mic and your PC, and a headphone volume control.




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