Sridevi is someone whose life I would jump to portray!

MUMBAI:Be it her performance or her comic timing, actress Madirakshi Mundle is in love with the work of late actress Sridevi. She says that she has always idolised her and would love to play her on screen.

“I’ll not call it influence as such. But I really love and admire Sridevi’s work. Her quirky sense of humour and brilliant comic timing with an expert flair for emoting effortlessly. Her performances are mesmerising and Memorable. All her movies are my fondest memories growing up and she is someone whose life story I would jump at the chance to portray,” she says.

Ask her what she thinks makes an actor worthy of compliments, and she says, “The audience’s acceptance of an artist in a role makes it so much easier. That requires an actor to shed their everyday persona so that an audience is transported to the fictional setting of the story via the performance they are watching. If an audience ends up matching the character’s qualities to your identity, it means you’ve done your job. And that is not that hard to understand from people’s reactions whether you’ve nailed a role or not in line with their expectation. Audience affection will take you a long way I feel.”

The actress adds that healthy acceptance of feedback is important. “I appreciate folks for enjoying the work I do and watching it so closely. Audiences have different reactions to different things and that’s something I cannot control and don’t want to either. But honestly, the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and I am glad about it,” she says.

Talking about the role she wants to take up in the future, she says, “I am open! Casting directors and Show runners, I hope you are reading this! So many good stories are being made and I would love to be called up for roles that help me show different dimensions of my ability to different audiences whether it is TV, web series or films. My friends and family love my funny bone and I am told I do accurate imitations of them! I want roles that also have scope to express a personal side of me! I would love the chance to do what Sridevi did at the movies. Wasn’t it so magical? I love my audiences and want to continually reach a larger and wider audience that admires my work and likes me for who I am. It’s hard to define a ‘great role’ but surely it is easier to figure out when you hear the story. I would love to hear a few! It isn’t hard to reach me for work, you know.”





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